About Us

What is Language & Friends?

Language&Friends is a blog for and by teachers of Modern Foreign Languages. We aim to be the best MFL teachers’ community and we are a complement to our language exchange social network for teachers, Blabloo. For more info about us, please have a look at our post welcome to language & friends.

What is Blabloo? How can it help me as a Teacher?

Blabloo is an online community for language exchange. There are, in fact, 2 separate communities: one for those under 18 and one for adults. Blabloo was initally launched as a teen language exchange community but it soon grew to include a platform for adults too.

Teenagers can register with Blabloo and practice foreign languages through video calls with other teenagers from all around the world, in a safe and fun environment. Video calls are 10 minutes long: 5 minutes in each of the students’ native language, so one student helps the other in his/her own language. The perfect support tool for your classes!

As a teacher you have access to reports about your students’ activity as well as access to an adult-learning community where you can find teachers just like you who also want to practice languages.

Blabloo helps everybody to maintain regular language practice with other people who share the same interests. And it’s free! So don’t hesitate, register now!

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